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Witch & Healer Collective Offerings

Bex Mui is also a co-founder of the Witch & Healer Collective

Danyelle Caruthers, The Witchy Femme and Bex Mui, House Of Our Queer are thrilled to announce this new collaboration in 2024. 

One of our major offering is What Are Your Roots: Ancestral Healing Work for QTPOC.  Below is more information about this work. Stay tuned for our virtual and in-person offerings. 

Course Overview

Many of us as queer and trans people are trusting our intuitions, rather than societal and familial expectations, to tell us who we are and how we can best show up in connections and community. While this is freeing, expansive work, it also can cause friction points as we address and break through family and lineage patterns. At the same time, focusing on lineage repair work not only allows us to address connection pain points in the present, but to send healing back for generations. This 6 week, in person offering is an opportunity to delve deeper into your ancestral healing work. We begin in the present, explore the past, and then create new possibilities for our individual and collective futures. 

Course Flow

This course will be offered in the Bay Area, CA, as six 2-hour long evening sessions in early 2024. 

The days and start date will be determined by the first cohort’s availability.

Week 1 - PRESENT: We’ll begin this course by focusing on connections: who you are, how you let your identity flow, and how you follow your passions. We will observe our own relational patterns and track back, trusting our internal/intuitive reactions: i.e. Why am I so drawn to Jasmine? In this session, we’ll identify what we want to focus on individually and collectively, and set our intentions to guide the work. 


Week 2 - PRESENT: This week we’ll stay rooted in the present to explore how lineage repair work is showing up in your current connections and relationships. Who’s in your spiritual court? What are your current practices to honor your ancestors? Which chosen ancestors are you connected to now? 


Week 3 - PAST: Let’s get to the root! In this session, we’ll come together to explore our individual and collective pasts, where these patterns were born, developed, and solidified. Through guided energetic meditation, we’ll travel back to reconnect. We’ll observe these messages, their roots and how they play a role in our learning/healing. 


Week 4 - PAST: What now? This week’s session delves deep into the healing work of lineage repair work. Our time together will focus on a collective ritual, focusing on trusting ourselves, our intuitions, and our ancestors to guide the next step of our healing. 


Week 5 - FUTURE: This week we’ll focus on reflection to prepare us for the next steps in our healing journeys. Participants will be invited to share what came up in the ritual using a 6-senses model. Through discussion, we’ll take time to name and honor what is coming up for us individually and as a learning community. How do these reflections support expansion, new possibilities and continued growth for yourself and your lineage? 


Week 6 - FUTURE: After a closing ceremony, we’ll spend our last session together diving our next steps. What’s next for you, your ancestors, your living family, and your community? What has shifted or changed throughout this course for your connections, identity, and passion pursuit? 


Applications are open for our next cohort. 

Learn more and apply at the link below. 

About the Facilitators: 

Danyelle Caruthers, ASW, MPA, (she/her) is a Black|Queer|Femme tarot reader and psychotherapist working to support folx on their journeys of holistic transformation. As a cartomancer, healer, and diviner, she draws from ancestral traditions, including Hoodoo, Catholicism, and sacred holidays to serve her communities. Co-creating sacred spaces rooted in principles and methodologies from her social work background, Danyelle’s goal is to foster radical, healing-centered experiences, embracing the non-linear journey of self-discovery.


After a fulfilling 15-year career in social work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Danyelle embarked on a transformative sabbatical in 2019. This pause allowed her to explore spirituality deeper, culminating in the launch of The Witchy Femme and her private therapy practice in 2022. Danyelle offers therapeutic services focusing on grief, racial and queer identity exploration and processing, depression, anxiety, life transitions, and spiritual guidance through tarot readings and coaching.​​ Learn more about The Witchy Femme and Danyelle’s therapy practice here! Connect with her on Instagram to stay updated on local events and new offerings.

Bex Mui, M. Ed, (she/her) is a queer witch, certified energy worker, and life-long educator committed to the work of LGBTQ+ affirmation. Bex draws on her biracial, Chinese & Polish, first-and third-generation roots in her spiritual practices and offerings. She is committed to the work of anti-racist LGBTQ+ affirmation at the intersections of education, sexuality, and mental wellness. 

In 2021, Bex founded House Of Our Queer, a spiritual playspace where she shares offerings for the queer and trans community. Delve deeper into House Of Our Queer through these podcasts and blogs. In her book, House of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice, she shares about her spiritual journey being raised Catholic with Buddhist influences, and her current practices including astrology, tarot, sacred sexuality, and honoring ancestors. 

Through House Of Our Queer, Bex hosts monthly virtual and in-person workshops focused on ritual and reflection for self-growth. Bex delights in creating safe, affirming facilitated learning spaces and blending healing modalities to meet the needs of her participants. Learn more and stay connected via email, Instagram, and LinkTree

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