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Check out these podcasts for more ways to learn about House Of Our Queer!


The Unity Project Podcast 

Bex shares about spirituality as a mental health support, queerness as a blessing, connecting with our queer ancestors, and what it looks like to build your own spiritual toolbox. 

Reclaiming The Holigays w/ Bex Mui 

QUEST Wellness Podcast


Living Open: Queer Spiritual Practice & Reimagining Spirituality

With Eryn Johnson

Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice

Empowered Spirituality Podcast

Screenshot 2022-06-30 113845_edited.jpg

Empowered Spirituality

LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Spirituality with Bex Mui

Missing Witches Podcast

Queering The Church with Bex Mui


Third Space with Jen Cort

Queer and Trans Affirming Sexual Health Advocacy with Bex Mui & Emily Shorr-Lesnick

Magic is Gay: Infinite Variety

Missing Witches Podcast

magic .jpg
queer love.jpg

Queer Love Light

Queer Spiritual Journeys, and QAPI spiritual connections

Book Talk with Bex Mui

Reclaiming Soul Work Podcast

reclaiming soulwork.png

Want to have me on your podcast? Chat me with more info!

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