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Check out these podcasts for more ways to learn about House Of Our Queer!


The Unity Project Podcast 

Bex shares about spirituality as a mental health support, queerness as a blessing, connecting with our queer ancestors, and what it looks like to build your own spiritual toolbox. 

Magic is Gay: Infinite Variety

Missing Witches Podcast

magic .jpg

Living Open: Queer Spiritual Practice & Reimagining Spirituality

With Eryn Johnson

Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice

Empowered Spirituality Podcast

Screenshot 2022-06-30 113845_edited.jpg

Missing Witches Podcast

Queering The Church with Bex Mui

queer love.jpg

Queer Love Light

Queer Spiritual Journeys, and QAPI spiritual connections

Empowered Spirituality

LGBTQ+ Advocacy & Spirituality with Bex Mui


Third Space with Jen Cort

Queer and Trans Affirming Sexual Health Advocacy with Bex Mui & Emily Shorr-Lesnick

Want to have me on your podcast? Chat me with more info!

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