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House Of Our Queer 

Core Principles 

All of our offerings are invitations based on these core principles.

We will never tell you what to believe or how to engage with ritual. 

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5 Core Principles


Queerness is a Blessing

Queerness as a gift.

We understand that queerness isn't just about relationships, but an approach to our bodies, connections, and even beliefs that have ever-evolving space.


Centering the Blessing Of Queerness ensures that the offerings are affirming for LGBTQ+ people, and creates a safer space for spiritual exploration.

Spiritual & Energetic Health 

Spirituality is a mental health support. 

We understand the importance of our physical health, and our mental health. Both of these areas have their own tools and strategies. They have leaders and communities that help make being well a sustainable reality. 


House Of Our Queer is dedicated to the energetic and spiritual wellness of our community. 



When something isn't right, we can be quick to reject.We reject and we push away, but we aren’t sure what to put in place of what we reject, which can leave us feeling empty.


Instead, House Of Our Queer encourages reframing and reclaiming holidays, practices, rituals, and even beliefs that can serve us in our spiritual wellness.

Balance Your Tools

For a healthy spiritual practice, we need a balance of internal and external tools and rituals  

Internal Examples: 

  • self-reflection & journaling 

  • highest-self meditations

  • intuition building & body work 


External Examples: 

  • Asking for guidance 

  • Prayer spells 

  • Tarot cards

  • Ancestor altars


Your practice. Your way.

Our spiritual toolboxes, rituals, practices, and beliefs are ever-evolving as we and grow.

Choose the tools that work for you now, and be open to shifting over time. 

Like all communities, our spiritual communities are strengthened by diversity in perspectives, experiences, and practices. 

Want to know more? 

For more information or to request a presentation, message us below. 

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