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Reclaiming Holidays: A Healing Approach for LGBTQ+ People

Reclaiming Holidays: A Healing Approach for LGBTQ+ People

Why reject when we can reclaim? 

~House Of Our Queer Core Principle~ 


As queer people who likely aren’t celebrating holidays the same way we were raised, this time of year can be an annual challenge for our lives, and draining for our energy. 


In this workshop you’ll find: 

  • A framework for reclaiming holidays over rejecting 

  • Examples of how the end-of-year holiday season can be reframed as an LGBTQ+ person. 

  • Alternative, Queer-joy-centered annual rituals for November and December. 

  • Opportunities to reflect and share about your own roots and relationship to this time. 


Dreading the holiday season after Halloween can mean months of havoc for our nervous systems. This disconnects us from our ability to work with the solstice and powerful light energy possible at the end of the Gregorian calendar. 


Don’t miss this opportunity to reframe and reclaim holidays for yourself. 

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