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Professional Learning 

House Of Our Queer offers professional learning opportunities to support the mental health and well-being of employees, staff, and leaders. 

Bex Mui, M.Ed, is a skilled and nationally certified facilitator, energy worker, and a life-long educator. She has focused on equity-focused, anti-racist, and LGBTQ+-affirming professional learning for adults since 2016. 

Tarot for Mindfulness 

Pulling cards is a mindfulness practice.

Workshop & Presentation Offerings: 

  • Magic for Mental Health

  • Tarot For Mindfulness

  • Astrology for Team Building 

  • Building Your Own Magic Toolbox

Image by Edz Norton

In this offering, House Of Our Queer’s Bex Mui, shares about her own experience finding and working with the cards, as well as some common uses for engaging with Tarot. This workshop offers some practical Do’s and Don’ts about pulling, and focuses on guiding participants towards mindful and intentional practices for working with Tarot. Bex shares a variety of decks and gives concrete examples of ways that a mindful practice of pulling cards can be beneficial to mental health.  If desired, Bex can also be available for individual or team readings and insights before or after the workshop.  

Astrology insights for Team Building

Better understanding our astrology birth charts can help us with communication, passion and collaboration.

There are no bad signs, and no bad matches. Bex’s inclusive lens to astrology invites people to see the spaciousness in compatibility readings. In this workshop, Bex studies the astrology chart of team members and co-workers in order to find strengths, and to provide clarity about when people come from different perspectives or approaches.

This workshop leaves everyone with a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues~ and is an opportunity to keep learning and growing together! 

Tailored Workshop or Presentation

Let us curate a mindful experience for you. 

From key note presentations on the national stage to local day retreats, Bex enjoys working with groups of people who are invested in their own growth and learning. 

Bex's ability to create a safe and welcoming space, filled with energetic release, makes for a positive experience every time. 

If you or your company are looking for a workshop or presentation with a magical and energetic healing focus, contact us today! 

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