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About Us 

House of Our Queer is a growing community centered on the understanding of Queerness as a Blessing.


We honor LGBTQ+ bravery and value the skill of  trusting our own intuition for how we build love and connections in community.

House Of Our Queer is  sex and kink positive playspace for energetic and spiritual exploration. We share offerings, provide opportunities to come together in community, and share ritual ideas to support queer and trans wellbeing.

House Of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice

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Ways to Connect and Support

Join our growing community

Become a Patreon Member

One of the best ways to support this work is to become a Pateron Member. This supports the labor and intention put into all House Of Our Queer offerings.

Patreons also receive free access to workshop offerings. 


Witch & Healer Collective Offerings

What Are Your Roots?: Lineage Repair Work for QTPOC

Danyelle Caruthers, The Witchy Femme and Bex Mui, House Of Our Queer are thrilled to announce this new offering.

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Ask about our Virtual Workshop

In this workshop offering, participants will learn about a variety of rituals and frameworks that might work for them, including ancestor connection, tarot and astrology, as well as tips for reframing and reclaiming practices such as prayer and celebrating holidays with an LGBTQ lens.

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Following @HouseOfOurQueer is an easy and efficient way of contributing to this growing community.

We share free offerings and spiritual considerations every week. 

Submit Your Kinky Confessional

The Sex & Kink Confessionals is a chance to release, share, let go of, and well, confess any of your thoughts, desires, dreams, fantasies, and fun acts you're holding.

Submit and send away, release and confess here without any fear, shame, stigma... or even recognition if you want. 

House of Our Queer is here to provide a container for your desires, and guidance if you seek it.

Partner with Us

House Of Our Queer values meaningful collaborations with other healers, witches, activists, and anyone focused on the spiritual wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ people. 

Want to learn more about how to support this work? 

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House Of Our Queer in the Media

More About Us


Feature Friday with House Of Our Queer Founder, Bex Mui

With positive energy simply emitting off her, it’s no wonder Bex has a long history of LGBTQ+ activism and is the Founder of House of our Queer (HOOQ), a virtual space she holds in the name of reclaiming LGBTQ+ religion and spiritual practices.


Queer and Trans Affirming Mental and Sexual Health Advocacy

Bex believes that a spiritually grounded approach to the work of LGBTQ+ advocacy is increasingly needed in our country.
In this episode, Bex and I talked about not only inclusivity in the spiritual space, but integration as well. We talked about her amazing work, and the ways she has come in to her spiritual beliefs, and more!


The Case for Spirituality as Mental Health Self-Care for Queer Folks

It can be scary to be out as queer and spiritual, let alone religious. But I’ve found myself still connected to mental health supports like prayer and holiday traditions (re-imagined and reclaimed, of course) that my immigrant families have implemented as part of their survival for generations.

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